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We Believe Latinx Survivors | Denim Isn’t Always Denim

Latinx people in the United States seemingly experience sexual violence at similar rates as other racial and ethnic groups. Yet, Latinx people are the least likely to report sexual violence to law enforcement or seek services. The tools that claim to protect all Americans don’t feel safe to many Latinx survivors. We know that immediate reporting, delayed reporting, or never reporting doesn’t make an unwanted sexual experience more or less valid. Yet, many people disbelieve survivors because “they waited too long” or “didn’t say anything.” When you support Denim Day, you are declaring that Colorado believes Latinx survivors, regardless of whether or not reporting was the right choice for them. For Latinx survivors, denim isn’t always denim; sometimes, it’s a culture that doesn’t create space and safety for people who look like them.

For more information about Latinx survivors: https://wearemitu.com/fierce/latinas-sexual-violence-facts-statistics/

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